Spy Surveillance DVR
Spy Surveillance DVR
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Interest in becoming a
Learn how our distributor program can generate income for you.

Do you want to be your own boss or at least supplement your current income?

Do you want to work out of your home, not having "to go" to work? Do you want to be able to sell 100's of different products without having to buy one product up front or having any face to face sales?

Hi, I'm Anita Fromm, the President of Counter Intelligence Technologies, Inc (dba SpookTech Spy Center). All this, and more, is possible by selling the right products and by selling them on the Internet.

Surveillance & Countersurveillance products are so hot right now. Millions of people are more concerned than ever about their safety and the safety of their loved ones.

Our products are not readily available in stores which makes the Internet perfect for selling them. We have distributors doing over $40,000 a month insales. We can teach you how they do this just like we taught them. You will be given the same information and instruction and support these successful distributors received.

About now, you are wondering how much you can make off each sale...what will your profit be? I don't like putting the wholesale prices on the Internet. I don't put them on the website to protect our distributors. When you get our catalog it will have all the distributor wholesale prices.

However, to give you an idea, I will quote some prices. The ST-100 Worlds Smallest Wireless Spy Camera retails for $499.00...your price is $289.00. The 19 HR DIGITAL RECORDER retails for $298.00...your price is $123.00. The Datalogg GPS Vehicle Tracker retails for $799.95...your price $399.00.

Hopefully, this gives you an idea of the profit you can make. Remember, the complete wholesale prices come with our wholesale catalogs Because of the demand from our distributors, we have set up a turnkey website program for those who want to sell on the Internet but don't know how.

Our products sell very well on the Internet because they are not readily available in stores. However, they sell very well off the Internet also. So, don't feel you have to sell the products on the Internet to be successful. Remember, we've been setting up distributors for over 3 years and the Internet has only been a factor during the past 2 years. Flea markets, gun shows, trade shows, house parties, mail order, setting up routes, etc., are all good ways to sell these products. They are high impulse items...get them in front of people and you will sell them.

However, if you want to sell on the Internet, there are some things you have to have. Keep reading and I will explain. (If you already have a website you or would like to build your own, you may copy the product images and descriptive text from our website to use on yours.)

Whether we build your website for you or you build it yourself, we will drop ship for you. That means you will not have to inventory any products. You send us the orders (either fax or e-mail them) and we will send the order toyour customer with your name and address on the shipping label. You never have to buy a product from us until your customer has paid you first.You need a computer and Internet access. People have asked us to build the a website when they did not have a computer or Internet access. This will not work. You will need to be able to access your orders, e-mail your orders to us to be drop shipped, correspond with your customers and basically educate yourself. So you need a computer and Internet access before we can build a website for you.

Domain name. This is what people will type in their browsers to get to your website. You can either register the domain name yourself or we can do it for you. If you want us to register your domain name(s) for you, the cost is $50 for one domain for a 2-year registration and $90 for two domains for a 2-year registration. If you already have a domain, you can use it. We'll just move it over to our server.

100+ page website Secured shopping cart and order page. Affiliate program that will reward people for linking to your website. Ad tracking program to track ads you place (hits to your site & sales made). Gift Certificate option--a great marketing tool. Upsell page to make special offers when an order is placed. Unlimited e-mail addresses (anything addressed to your domain you'll get). We also host your site with no space limitations and T-1 connection.

It will take about 10 days to build your site(s). When the website is finished and uploaded to the Internet, I will send you around seventeen e-mails with advice, suggestions and information (including marketing information). Every question will be answered, any help you need will be given.

You will have full FTP permission for your website. That means you will be able to make any changes you want to your website--change prices, text or even add products. Most text changes we can make for you, no charge. If you want us to add products for you, we can do so for $25 per product. You would just send us an image of the product in gif or jpg format, descriptive text and the price you want to sell it for. We will set the page up, program the shopping cart, and put a link to the new page on your home page.

You don't have to sell just our products. We can't supply every product. So, if there is some other product out there you want to sell, you are welcome to put it on your website. You will not be alone in this. It is very important to me, my employees and my company for you to succeed. You will be given a phone number that will give you access to me after hours and on weekends. Yes you will be able to reach me when you probably will need me the most.I could anticipate the questions you may still have at this point, but if I answered them all here, this would be a very long letter. It's already longer than I wanted it to be. So, if you have any questions before you place your order, please call me at (877) 464-4779, 9-4 eastern time, Monday-Friday.

Now what are the costs. We offer Security, Surveillance, CounterSurveillance and the hidden camera website. You can see what they look like below. Please call or email for website pricing.

The only other fee will be the hosting fee. The first 1 month of hosting is free. After that, it's only $30 a month. This fee includes hosting your sites, the upkeep and maintenance of your unlimited e-mail, shopping cart and secured ordering page.

Order Now by sending email to kfromm@spooktech.com

The links below will give you an idea of what the design of the website will look like. Just remember that there will be over 100 pages on the website we build for you, just like what we have on this website. We offer two designs to choose from for the self defense products website. Click on the links below to see what the self defense products web site will look like in the two designs and in different colors:

Click here http://www.spook-tech.com to see an example of what your hidden camera website will look like.

** Our distributorship websites have a retail value of over $15K in art workin design content, and come with the best wholesale pricing in the spy gear business, start your second career in the art of being a SpyMaster and sign-up today!

Anita Fromm

Spy Surveillance DVR

Spy Surveillance DVR

Spy Surveillance DVR

Spy Surveillance DVR

Spy Surveillance DVR
Spy Surveillance DVR
Spy Surveillance DVR