Spy Surveillance DVR
Spy Surveillance DVR
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ProTrak 1:Digital Vehicle Tracking System

The Digital Series 2000 System is a second generation computerized location system for Security, Surveillance, and Law Enforcement operations. It is an affordable alternative to real time cellular based GPS tracking systems.

The PROTRAK 1 digital tracking system comes with the following: PROTRAK I receiver, Magnetic-mount Vehicle Transmitter (MVT) & Digital Compass Transmitter (DCT), Magnetic Mount Vehicle Antenna & Directional Antenna, vehicle charger & A/C home charger, instructions and 1 year parts & labor warranty


The System uses a discreet digital transmission method to provide the user with:


Perfect for Mobile Surveillance

System features include:

  • Digitally encrypted signaling (confidential to owner)
  • Displays ID code of your target transmitter
  • Simultaneous monitoring of up to 10 targets
  • Displays distance to target in feet (75 to 65,000)
  • Internal Gel-Cell Battery with Home & Vehicle Chargers
  • Indicates tracking bug has been removed from the target
  • Hand-held Directional Antenna and Magnetic Vehicle Antennas are standard, Aircraft Antenna and a portable Monitoring Antenna is available
  • Tracking range is 1-2 mile(Line Of Sight (LOS)) range with Mag Mount and Compass transmitters; 4.5 mile (LOS) range with optional Stolen Vehicle transmitters; 2-4 mile (LOS) range with BCT Executive transmitters


Options Include: RS232 computer interface for receiver, remote receivers with RF modems for stolen vehicle recovery, PC-based central monitoring stations for stolen vehicle recovery.

  • Receiver Specifications:

    Size: 8.5" x 5.6" x 2.5"
    Weight: 3 lbs. 5 ounces
    Battery: 12 Volt rechargeable gel cell
    Menu Includes: Select Transmitter ID to track, with air or land tracking
    Displays: 32 character LCD backlit display

  • Transmitter ID Code (16.7 million available), distance in feet, signal received, high or low gain detection, tracking instructions, displays target direction when using the digital compass transmitter.

  • Magnet Mount Vehicle Transmitter

    Size: 4" x 2" x 1.6"
    Weight: 6 ounces
    Battery: Operates 14 days on a 9 volt cell
    Attachment: strong magnetic pad
    Case: Water resistant ABS case
    Antenna: Flexible 10"

  • Digital Compass Transmitter ( transmits 8 directions )

    Size: 4.2" x 3.1" x 1.5"
    Weight: 5 ounces
    Battery: Operates 14 days on a 9 volt cell
    Attachment: Velcro, and nylon tie
    Case: Water resistant ABS case
    Antenna: Flexible 10"

  • Belt Clip Executive Transmitter

    Size: 4.2" x 2.4" x 1"
    Weight: 3 ounces
    Battery:Operates 14 days on a 9 volt cell
    Case: Sturdy ABS case w/ sub-miniature toggle switch activation
    Antenna: Flexible 10"

    Ask about our Stolen Vehicle Transmitters (SVT) or Trailer Roof Transmitters (TRT)

It is the responsibility of the Buyer (not SpookTech)to obtain and obey all applicable local, state and federal laws in regard to possession and use of any item on this site. Consult your attorney regarding local, state and federal laws before ordering. By placing an order the Buyer represents that he/she is of legal age and that the products will be used only in a lawful manner!

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Spy Surveillance DVR

Spy Surveillance DVR

Spy Surveillance DVR

Spy Surveillance DVR

Spy Surveillance DVR
Spy Surveillance DVR
Spy Surveillance DVR