Spy Surveillance DVR
Spy Surveillance DVR
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PLBP TM is the ultimate in Executive Protection & Hostage Location hardware: a combination analog cellphone and GPS receiver. With a push of the RED '9' button gives your VIP the peace of mind of having an on-body security system with the convenience of a simultaneous transmission of the caller's voice and location to your Command Center.

Professionally operated and managed to provide a discrete protective shield between your interests, your command center cannot only help guide your response team to the caller's location, but can maintain direct voice contact with the caller until help arrives. The OIC at the command center can also contact other people the caller wants notified in an emergency situation.

Discrete, potent security is an important consideration for the success of any Executive Protection Detail; the PLBP is your 'Hardware Operative' for your next assignment.

If you believe you could become the target for an attack of any kind, and you wish to learn what steps can be taken to minimize the chances of such an occurrence, contact us at 1-877-464-4779

In addition to being a full-featured GPS receiver, PLBP is a high-performance cellular phone with exceptional features such as touch-tone location reporting (including the ability to send your exact position and have it displayed on another unit) numeric paging, an electronic "phone book" capable of 100 entries, and intelligent security lock capability. One-touch dialing and a message center which collects missed calls and pager messages for easy retrieval make operating the PLBP even more enjoyable. .


Position reporting shows exactly where you're calling from on a high-resolution backlit display, and the GPS receiver technology is a high-performance twelve parallel channel receiver. The database comes complete with an extensive internal database including cities, plus millions of miles of roads and highways across the entire United States, Canada, and South America.


Is the included software program for personal tracking. It is designed to work with the PLBP , with the click of a button you can call the person or vehicle with the PLBP and the GPS position will be transmitted to the base station. The map is centered on the asset (the person or vehicle) location. Alternatively, the person with the PLBP can initiate the call. A single position can be obtained in about 20 seconds. If desired, the asset can be continuously tracked. The asset's heading and speed are also shown. The standard program permits the storage of up to three remote assets. A complete detailed street map of the United States (48 states) is provided with the program. The street address pops up when the cursor is held over the asset location.


Analog Cellular (AMPS) offers the best coverage in North America. The drawback is the cost of making calls, but many plans include free weekend and evening service. This system is most appropriate for use when infrequent tracking is required. The low initial investment and compact portable design make the PLBP an attractive alternative for personal tracking. It can easily fit in a fanny pack or on a belt. Aside from tracking, the PLBP can be used conventionally as a GPS receiver or a cellular phone.

Please note that the PLBP has specific modem requirements and is currently only available for use in the United States.

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Spy Surveillance DVR

Spy Surveillance DVR

Spy Surveillance DVR

Spy Surveillance DVR

Spy Surveillance DVR
Spy Surveillance DVR
Spy Surveillance DVR