Spy Surveillance DVR
Spy Surveillance DVR
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Covert Real-Time Vehicle Tracking System

Vehicle Location, Tracking and Navigation are increasingly becoming an integral part of running an efficient and safe operation. Covert vehicle tracking can now be accomplished from the privacy of your computer using the new CELL-U-TRACK system.

Introducing the Cell-U-Track covert GPS tracking location system. The system uses a distinct, innovative means of transmitting the geographic location data back to you. This system was especially designed to give you remote tracking options with your particular needs and cost constraints in mind. The Cell-U-Track tracking system allows real time tracking of vehicles or people. The location, direction of travel, altitude, and speed of the object will be instantaneously displayed on a computer screen

The Cell-U-Track consists of a cellular receiver, modem and GPS receiver. The system uses either the vehicle's power or it's own internal battery. There are two antenna's; the cellular antenna and the GPS antenna. The GPS antenna must not be obstructed by any metal parts of the vehicle. The Cell-U-Track modem is connected to a phone line or cellular telephone and a computer. When the Cell-U-Track modem is turned on, it automatically and silently calls the Cell-U-Track. When a connection is established, tracking information is sent through the cellular receiver in the Cell- U - Track. The vehicle's location and direction of travel will be displayed on a map on the computer's screen.

Whether you need to track one or 1000 vehicles, GPS tracking has the ability to locate or follow your targetís every move. As easily as calling the vehicle, you will instantly be able to view the location of your target on the computer screen. (Sample track from a low resolution view -- higher resolution views can be obtained down to street level by using the program. The red dot on the map indicates a moving vehicle through a city.) Other features will enable the driver to notify you in case of emergencies or just let you know their location. Cell-U-Track was designed for durability; ease of installation, battery or 12-volt auto powered, and can be used for covert or overt operation.


  • No. 1, the accuracy of the system is incredible
  • No. 2, it replaces manpower. This system replaces, at a minimum, four people.
  • No. 3 is the covertness of it. The target would have no knowledge of this. It reduces the possibility of an undercover investigator being spotted. And it provides 24-hour coverage.

ACCURACY Subject to accuracy degradation to 100 meters 2 dimensional rms under the U.S. Dept. of Defense imposed Selective Availability Program. Typically the accuracy will be approximately 25 meters. Best case conditions are 15 meters and worst case is 100 meters. If the GPS receiver loses contact with the satellites, all you need to do is call the Cell-U-Track back to reconnect; GPS receivers need a clear view of the sky. If the receiver cannot receive at least three satellites contact will be lost! Accuracy can be improved greatly with the use of a differential GPS receiver. This requires the addition of an extra receiver and antenna. Size and cost of operation will increase. Price will vary according to system used. Call for more details.



  • GPS vehicle tracking over the cellular telephone network.
  • Dial-in mode for vehicle tracking and control.
  • No infrastructure - just a PC and base station modem.
  • Automatic display of vehicles on an easy-to-read map.

  • TRANSMITTER: Cellular telephone (AMPS)
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Spy Surveillance DVR

Spy Surveillance DVR

Spy Surveillance DVR

Spy Surveillance DVR

Spy Surveillance DVR
Spy Surveillance DVR
Spy Surveillance DVR