Spy Surveillance DVR
Spy Surveillance DVR
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Cellular Lookout is a family of solar powered cameras that use cellular technology to transmit pictures from remote sites where AC power and hard-wire communications channels are not readily available. A Choice of Operating Modes Three versions of the Cellular Lookout are available. A call to the Model 450A causes it to acquire and send a picture to its companion receiver, Model 451A. Alternatively, the Model 450B places a call and transmits a picture upon external trigger. Model 450C combines these functions. Transmission of the picture to the receiver for display on a video monitor requires only 32 seconds. Installation The Cellular Lookout and its solar panel need simply to be mounted with a view of the site being monitored and the sun, respectively. The unit's NEMA enclosure makes it suitable for temporary or permanent outdoor installation at fixed locations or on moving equipment such as railroad cars, trucks, or other vehicles. The camera and lens are mounted within the unit on a knuckle joint behind a circular window for protection from the elements. The joint allows the field of view to be precisely adjusted after the Cellular Lookout has been mounted. A configuration is also available for input from an external camera. This is a good choice for installations where the desired view requires a camera installed on a pan-and-tilt device or atop a tower or pole. Installing the Cellular Lookout below minimizes the wieght and wind load on the structure and simplifies maintenance. The Cellular Lookout's solar panel and cellular antenna are specifically selected for the installation's location and projected amount of use. Sealed batteries backup the solar cells during night, periods of cloudiness, and solar eclipses. Directional Yagi antennas significantly increase the Cellular Lookout's ability to perform in fringe service areas. Cellular Service For best economy, Cellular service and phone programming should be arranged by the user in the home service area where the Cellular Lookout will be used. Discounts on the Cellular Lookout apply if the user supplies an activated Motorola™ Tele-TAC 200™ or TELE-TAC 250™ cellular telephone for installation into the Model 450 transmitter. Contact Video for details. Picture Reception The Model 451 Cellular Lookout Receiver provides reception and automatic control functions. Cellular Lookout transmissions can also be received and displayed by Video Freeze Frame Models 250, 280, and 290 with similar picture specifications.
Model 450C
Configured for external camera and antenna.


Size: 9.31"W x 5.43"D x 11.31"H
Weight: 14 lbs. including batteries
Mounting: Upper & lower case flanges, drillable
Power: Photo Voltaic 17VDC, 30VDC max.
Backup Power: Two 6V 7AH sealed lead acid batteries
Charge Controller: 6 Amp with low battery voltage load disconnect
Cellular Output Power: 0.6 Watts Nominal
Picture Resolution: 256H or 512H (jumper selectable) x 240V monochrome
512H x 240V color
Picture Transmission Period: 32 or 64 Sec. depending on selected resolution
Inputs: Remote trigger contact closure (450B/450C only)

Available Configurations

450A Transmits a monochrome picture when called CALL
450A-C Transmits a color picture when called CALL
450B Transmits a monochrome picture when triggered CALL
450B-C Transmits a color picture when triggered CALL
450C Transmits a monochrome picture when called or triggered CALL
450C-C Transmits a color picture when called or triggered CALL

Provide your own activated Motorola™ Tele-TAC 200™ or Tele-TAC 250™ for installation into your Model 450 and save $100.


Camera: monochrome, 0.2 lux, 39V x 52H degree field of view, auto. elec. iris $150
monochrome, 0.2 lux, 53V x 71H degree field of view, auto. elec. iris $130
color, 5.0 lux, 33V x 44H degree field of view, auto. elec. iris $280
color, 5.0 lux, 46V x 59H degree field of view, auto. elec. iris $280
Configured for external camera no charge
Other camera/lens combinations available on request call for quote
Photo Voltaic Panel: 12 Watt 14.2" x 13.8" rugged $250
25 Watt 26.1" x 13.8" rugged $350
PVP Mounting Hardware not included
Antennas: 3db Gain Open Coil no charge
9dB Gain Directional Yagi $70
11Db Gain Directional Yagi $120
Price :
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Spy Surveillance DVR

Spy Surveillance DVR

Spy Surveillance DVR

Spy Surveillance DVR

Spy Surveillance DVR
Spy Surveillance DVR
Spy Surveillance DVR