Spy Surveillance DVR
Spy Surveillance DVR
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Digital Video Recorder DVR

DVR-16: Digital Surveillance System is a PC based monitoring system. This System Blows away the analog switchers, multiplexers and time-lapse VCRs. You Can Connect up to 16 cameras onto one PC and record up to 120 frames per second to the hard drive and act as a video server, Digital Video Recording, Digital Video Transmission


This system will allow up to 16 cameras connected to it. With 30 or 120 fps (frames per second) it meets most security needs. Just plug your cameras into the standard BNC connectors on the back of the unit and power it up! It's that easy.

NOTE: System requirements:
Hard drive usage = An average of 1 gig per camera per day

System Features:
Camera format resolution is 352 X 240
System displays available hard drive space, system date/time
Camera displays 1-16 pictures at a time (depending on # of cameras)
1 card system to avoid multiple interrupt conflicts
Motion detection to save time for data retrieval
Wavelet compression for better image quality Programmable multiple detection zones for each camera
Point-to-point or multicast transmission of live video (Web Cam server, IP Multicast & TCP/IP Server)
Web-based user interface for easy operation Send alarm / message to monitoring units or communication devices when it detects intruder Motion detection, Round-the-Clock, or by Schedule recording mode
Interaction with your UPS device
Multiple passwords to view authorized cameras Playback while monitoring
Remote playback, remote recording
Unlimited users view from remote without taking extra bandwidth (LAN)
Sensitivity level of motion detection Snapshot option

Remote View:
IP Multicast (LAN)
Remote View (TCP/IP, ISDN,PSTN, Intranet, Internet)
DVR Center (TCP/IP, Intranet / Internet)
Built-in Web Browser (HTTP)
Remote recording allowed Remote zoom-in / zoom-out allowed
Storage of Video Data: Log File back up to HDD, MO, CD-ROM, .zip, or remote backup through LAN
Log File management for each camera with Year, Date, Time information
Log File playback with zoom-in / zoom-out Log File prints in single frame (like photo)

Camera Management:
Individual camera configuration, naming, video quality
Sequential scan among cameras
Send alarm when camera lost signal

1.5 mhz Pentium 4 cpu
160 Gig hardrive (larger optional)
256 megs of ram
Floppy drive
Cdrom drive
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Spy Surveillance DVR

Spy Surveillance DVR

Spy Surveillance DVR

Spy Surveillance DVR

Spy Surveillance DVR
Spy Surveillance DVR
Spy Surveillance DVR