Spy Surveillance DVR
Spy Surveillance DVR
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Digital Video Recorder DVR

SpookTech has delivered the 16hr & 19hr digital recorders to our customers and now we are offering the

A full day and a half of recording! Our new 38 Hour Digital Voice Recorder uses flash memory to record an amazing 38 hours of voice, telephone, and all those important notes you would otherwise forget to write down. Phone recorder,telephone recorder,voice recorder,bug

Take a look at some of these features:
  • Record Time Up To A New Record 38 Full Hours

  • USB Cable & Software for download to computer

  • OUTSTANDING Recorded Voice Quality

  • Super small, measures about 4" X 1" X 1/2" (About the size of a Bic Lighter)

  • Telephone Interface INCLUDED

  • Operates on 2 AAA batteries

  • Built in microphone AND external microphone

  • Included built-in micro speaker (BEST on the market)

  • Packaged better than any product we have ever sold.

  • Bright LCD display keeps you informed of every function on the unit.

  • Easy to use, UNPARALLELED voice quality

  • Typical customers who find this device necessary in their everyday lives:
  • Investigators

  • Law Enforcement

  • Attorneys

  • Any Busy Professional

  • Doctors

  • Convention Goers

  • Students: College & High School

  • Forgetful Attention Deficit Professionals that need reminders!

  • Regardless of who you are or what you do for a living, this is one of those pieces of technology that will simplify your life.

    This unit is about the size of a standard Bic Lighter!

    You can look everywhere, retail stores sell 8 hour models for as much as $400.00 and they don't have 1/4 the time recording capability as this unit. In fact, this may very well be the only unit on the planet that has a 38 hour capability!

    Ingenious telephone interface allows the automatic recording of your important phone calls. Very useful and an over performer as a high tech digital answering machine. But please, be aware, using this device as a 38 hour stealth telephone recording device is not legal in all 50 states. We are marketing this clever technology as a 38 hour high quality digital voice recorder and nothing more. We cannot be held responsible for inappropriate use.

    What Private Investigators Love About This New 38 Hour Recorder: 100ms super sense voice activation function. When you leave this recorder on and in voice activation mode, the unit "ONLY" records during audible audio activity. Unlike old analog devices, this digital units begins a mere 1/10th of a second after audio is detected.

    Quality! The local professionals that have purchased this unit in our SPY SHOP love the 8kps voice sampling rate. Records and playbacks in stunning clarity and accuracy.

    ALARM FEATURE EXCLUSIVE: alarm circuit allows you to set a predetermined alarm "Start Time" recording up to 4 hours and 15 minutes delay. Excellent feature if you are not positive you will make it back to the meeting in time. This device will automatically start recording your meeting even if you are late getting back. Important for individuals responsible for keeping meeting minutes in focus.

    ALL SIZE: about the size of a Bic Lighter, this stealthy recorder is not obtrusive. Fits in your pocket, purse, or those tiny little cubby compartments in vehicles!

    An excellent VOR (Voice Acivation Circuit) allows you to store this unit in a vehicle and road noise will not activate the recorder. It is sophisticated enough to begin recording only during conversation or music. Many of us have discussions with our associates while driving that need to be reviewed for clarity and understanding. Excellent feature for reporters and media professionals.

    EXTERNAL MIC OPTION: While we are thrilled with the quality of the built in microphone, some professionals have small pen mics, boom mics, and other professional mics that can pick up audio from hundreds of feet away. While we DO NOT INCLUDE additional mics, this unit uses the standard 3.5mm female connector to accommodate such units.

    This digital recorder has too many features to list. When you receive this recorder read the instructions and play play play.

    All of our digital recorders do ship new in original cartons and are fully guaranteed against defects for one full year.

    Guaranteed Lowest Price
    Your Purchase Includes:

  • One brand new in box model DVR38 (64MB compact flash unit) Digital Voice Recorder

  • USB Cable and software for message download to Windows based computers

  • One telephone interface adapter and spare phone line cable

  • One set of stereo earphones for privacy

  • One discreet body worn style microphone for handsfree convenience

  • 2 AAA Batteries

  • One audio cable for recording transfers to permanent storage devices, I.E. tapes, reel to reels, etc.

  • Dynamic 16 Ohm speaker built-in resulting in a huge difference in quality.

  • Full 40 page instruction manual

  • Technical Specifications:
  • Record Time: 38 Hours

  • 64MB built-in compact flash memory

  • Measures 1" X 1/2" X 4"

  • Weight: 1 ounce

  • Power Source: 2 AAA Batteries Standard alkaline battery life: 12 Hours, (or use lithium style for 96 hour battery life

  • Voice Sampling Rate: 8000 Bits per Second

  • Purchase our Pen Microphone to use with this Voice Recorder

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    Spy Surveillance DVR

    Spy Surveillance DVR

    Spy Surveillance DVR

    Spy Surveillance DVR

    Spy Surveillance DVR
    Spy Surveillance DVR
    Spy Surveillance DVR