Spy Surveillance DVR
Spy Surveillance DVR
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Worlds smallest 8mm VCR w/color LCD Monitor

8mm Micro VCR with 3" Color Monitor

World's smallest micro VCR w/color LCD monitor. Plug any of our cameras directly into the video input or use with our wireless receivers. Fits into most fanny packs and purses. 30% smaller than any other on the market. Includes Hi-tech carrying case, battery, charger, video in/out cable.

There is nothing worse than working for hours undercover to find that the video you thought you were recording didn't work. Now you can have proof positive verification by periodically checking the built-in LCD video screen

Dimensions(L)(W)(H): 7'' x 4.5'' x 4''
Weight: 1.5lb
Power Required: 3.6 Volts
Current Consumption: 4.8 Watts
Format: 8mm Tape
Video Format: NTSC
Scanning: Two-head helical
Tape Width: 8mm
Play Time: 2 Hours
Video S/N: 43dB

* Accessories
BTH32 - Long life battery (50% longer life)
BWRC1 - Wired remove control
RC100 - Wireless Remote Control - turns M-VCR1 on/off from over 100 feet (even through walls)

VMD200 - Video Motion Detection chip - activates unit only when motion is present
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Spy Surveillance DVR

Spy Surveillance DVR

Spy Surveillance DVR

Spy Surveillance DVR

Spy Surveillance DVR
Spy Surveillance DVR
Spy Surveillance DVR