Spy Surveillance DVR
Spy Surveillance DVR
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Digital Video Recorder DVR

This stand alone 4 channel digital video recorder simplifies the recording process for security camera installations. it eliminates the need for changing tapes, which saves time and money. Unlike traditional VCR's it can search for an event almost instantly, saving hours of tape review. The stand alone system makes setup a snap and is more stable than computer based systems. Comes with built-in 60 GB hard drive for long record time and high resolution. Uses password and image forgery protection. Records up to 4 cameras with built-in multiplexer functions, eliminating the need for quad or multiplexer.


  • Operation Type: Stand-alone

  • Operating System: Self operating

  • Video Output: 2 outputs (monitor/VCR)

  • Search Mode: Continuous or Search/Playback

  • Resolution: 352*240 True color

  • Recording Speed: 30 Frame/sec Max.

  • Screen Division: Full, 4 Split, Seq. Switch

  • Power Supply: Free Voltage (AC80V~240V, 50/60 Hz)

  • Power Consumption: 20 W

  • Dimensions(L)(W)(H): 435(W) x 210(L) x 65(H) mm

  • Weight: 4Kg

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    Spy Surveillance DVR

    Spy Surveillance DVR

    Spy Surveillance DVR

    Spy Surveillance DVR

    Spy Surveillance DVR
    Spy Surveillance DVR
    Spy Surveillance DVR