Spy Surveillance DVR
Spy Surveillance DVR
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18 Hour digital phone / voice recorder

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  • Size: 4.3 x 0.67 x 1 inches
  • Weight: 1.16 oz.
  • Design:slim, sleek & fashionable design
  • Recording time:18 hr (LP Mode); 9 hr (SP Mode)
  • Recordable Files:records up to 396 files of messages
  • 4 folders for messages
  • Easy to Use Functions
  • Records Telephone Conversation
  • Downloadable to Computers via USB.
  • Recordable To & From External Devices
  • LCD Display
  • highly visible display of all operating status
  • LED Indicator
  • easily distinguish Play and Record Mode
  • Auto Play Search
  • Delete All or Selected Delete
  • able to delete all messages with one touch
  • Auto Power Save Function
  • VOX/VOR - Voice Activated
  • Perfect Gift Item

  • Accessories

    All Accessories Included:
  • 2 AAA Batteries
  • USB cable
  • cable
  • external microphone
  • earhone
  • telephone adapter
  • PC software


    What is the recorder normally used for? recording personal memos, recording meetings, seminars and lectures,recording telephone conversations of employees and family members and recording dictation

    How do you transfer the sound files on to the computer? Using the USB cable (included accessory).

    Can the sound files on the recorder be transferred to a MAC (Apple Computer)? YES. You are able to use any third party software to download the recordings. You may use RealPlayer's software that has recording capabilities.

    How long does it take to transfer 1 hour of recording to the computer? The SU model takes 1 minute to transfer.

    How much space on the computer does 1 hour of sound file takes? 4MB for the SU model.

    What format will the sound file be saved as when downloaded to the computer?.wav file

    How do I record telephone conversation only when someone is using it? You have to activate the VOX mode. It is activated when the "PacMan" icon is blinking. Please refer to the manual for instructions.

    When I transfer the sound files from the recorder to the computer, will it transcribe the file to text? NO.In order to transcribe from voice to text, you are required to use a third party software such as Voice Express, etc.

    I want to record music from my CD to the recorder. Is the sound quality good enough? You will not be able to enjoy the sound quality of a CD on the recorder.

    How long does the battery last? The duration of the battery depends on the various functions and modes you are using. In addition to that, the type of battery you use will also affect the duration.

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    Spy Surveillance DVR

    Spy Surveillance DVR

    Spy Surveillance DVR

    Spy Surveillance DVR

    Spy Surveillance DVR
    Spy Surveillance DVR
    Spy Surveillance DVR